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Tsugi is pleased to announce the release of DSP Anime version 1.2, a free update of its sound effects creation software.

With a single click, it is now possible to generate several variations of a sound effect, add them as assets to a Unity® project, create the meta-files with the right audio settings and even generate a script (in C# or JavaScript) to play these sounds randomly or sequentially, with volume and pitch variations. Coupled with the powerful procedural audio algorithms of the software, this makes DSP Anime the perfect tool to easily add mesmerizing sounds to a Unity® game!

In addition to the new Unity® export, DSP Anime 1.2 also brings support for the latest versions of GameMaker: Studio and audio middleware such as Wwise, FMOD Studio, ADX2 and ADX2 LE.

For more info go to: www.tsugi-studio.com

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TX2c28FcDL8″ width=”500″ height=”300″]


DSP Anime is part of the “Dynamic Sound Packs” series from Tsugi, which uses sound synthesis to generate myriads of sound effects instead of relying on libraries of fixed recordings.

With a very graphic user interface, a powerful synthesis engine, and useful functions such as the automatic generation of random sound variations and the export to game audio middleware, DSP Anime makes the creation of sound effects easy and fun.

Many types of sound effects can be generated: magic, fight, emotions, events, movements, pets, elements, impacts etc… and the software is regularly expanded with free downloadable categories.

Tsugi provides consultancy, research and development services to the video game, animation and movie industries. The company specializes in smart tools and engines that make artists more efficient and offer them more creative options. Typical clients include game studios, middleware companies, post-production houses and freelance professionals. Tsugi also publishes its own software solutions for the hobbyist and professional creators.

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