Thea: The Awakening is an interesting strategy indie

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Indie studio MuHa Games is pleased to inform that after a successful Early Access, their debut strategy game Thea: The Awakening is now available on Steam and all major digital distribution services.

Thea: The Awakening is a strategic survival game steeped in Slavic myth and monstrosity after an apocalyptic force called The Darkness stroke. The game combines turn-based gameplay, with the tension and grit of a rogue-like survival, captivating story you can uncover through a series of in-game events and a unique combat based on a complex card battle game.

Released in Early Access back in September 2015, Thea already gathered a group of devoted players and very positive reviews. Last two months were full of work for the developers. They managed to fix major bugs and improve the gameplay based on the feedback from the community, so the game can now be released in its full glory.

The game is published worldwide in cooperation with a Polish company IMGN.PRO, creators of a survival horror game Kholat and a successful game publisher. Bartosz Moskala, co-owner of IMGN.PRO said: “Our goal is to promote great and unique indie games and Thea is the best example of it. We’re glad that we can work with MuHa Games on their amazing debut title”.


Key game features include:

  • Dark fantasy setting with hexagonal, turn-based strategic gameplay
  • Huge procedural world to explore – each playthrough is a new adventure
  • Village management with a variety of structures to build, upgrades and technologies to discover and items to craft
  • Over 4400 items that can be crafted in your village or gathered in the game’s world
  • Expeditions in which each member carries his gear and gain experience in battle, collecting resources, diplomacy, healing, black magic and dozens of other abilities
  • Over 200 non-linear story events that can grant you riches or deprive of all your goods
  • Exciting card battle game system which resolves combat, diplomacy, curses and more
  • Over 100 types of deadly creatures inspired by the Slavic Mythology
  • Day & night cycle influencing the gameplay – villagers can better recognise threats from afar during the day and creatures become more aggressive during the night
  • Multiple game endings depending on your choices with rewards and unlocks carrying to the next playthough



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