The Sidekicks, a new partner for games studios

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Plug In Digital and Is This Art seal a partnership and create The SideKicks, a new game label that provides studios with marketing support and distribution services.

Plug In Digital, expert of digital gaming distribution and Is This Art, communication and event agency, announce today the launch of The Sidekicks. This new company is meant to become the best partner for video game studios by offering them a unique offer of communication consulting, PR, funding research and distribution.

The Sidekicks is an alternative between self-publishing and classic publishers. The key strength comes from a full support to the studio projects provide by communication and marketing experts. The label offers the studio favorable terms: low income share, no claim on the IP, a dedicated team…

Francis Ingrand from Plug In Digital says: “Since we started Plug In Digital, we help many studios to improve their sales and optimize their incomes. With The Sidekicks I wish to pursue the same goals by offering a larger support including PR, communication, marketing…”

Guillaume Jamet from Is This Art adds: “most studios we meet face the same problem: an obvious need of our services for communication consulting, but no financial resources to fund it. With The Sidekicks we will be able to offer them a “win-win” solution. The expertise of Plug In Digital made this possible. You can run the best marketing campaign ever it will be useless if the game is not well distributed…. and the other way around is equally true. That is why we are confident with our offer, which includes experts on both sides.”

The founders see The Sidekicks as collective adventure. The Label will release only a few games each year. The selection will not only based on the crucial fun of the game but also on the close affinities with the studio team.

Jeremy Zeler-Maury, from Midgar Studio, is one of these founders. “We partnered with Is This Art for the Kickstarter campaign of Edge of Eternity and saw how important it was to trust an expert agency for our communication. When we decided to start this new service together I made sure to build the exact service offer I would expect as an indie developer. I am very happy to be part of this new adventure.” Jeremy adds to the team his technical expertise and will help The Sidekicks to find and select new games and to constantly fit to developers expectations.

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