The Dwarves combat looks mighty fun

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Mission accomplished! Almost 5,000 backers supported The DwarvesKickstarter campaign with over $260,000 raised so far – and there is still one week to go. The campaign is far from over, as developer KING Art Games is now aiming for the stretch goals: new game modes, a cooperative multiplayer, a brand-new character, additional quests, orchestral music and many more options are waiting for support from the community.


New gameplay video shows prologue
“Be as steadfast as the granite of which we are made!” the battlecry of King Giselbert, leader of the Fifthling tribe, echoes over the battlements of the mighty fortress at the Stone Gateway. And verily, steadfast the few surviving defenders need to be, as the hordes of Tion – Orcs, Ogres and Dark Elves – are marching in by the hundreds and thousands. There are only a few dozen brave dwarven warriors standing between Girdlegard and these creatures of the darkness. And none of them will see the light of the new dawn…

With this grim prologue, describing a battle that took place over 1.000 years ago, the fantasy tactical RPG The Dwarves begins. In a new, 15-minute long video, developer KING Art Games explains the game’s features. Specifically, how does the combat-system work? What actually IS the crowd combat system? How do the different types of enemies react to the player’s actions and what is the deal with special attacks? After the battle, there is also a small exploration segment showing the protagonist Tungdil wandering through the Vaults of Lot-Ionan …

Watch the new gameplay video here:



The campaign is still going on and you can still support The Dwarves on Kickstarter.

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