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More than 12 million Russian-speaking users will be instantly introduced to Imperia Online following the game’s release on the GameXP entertainment web-portal owned by a leading Russian online games publisher and developer NIKITA ONLINE.

“GameXP is a dwelling-place for millions of Russian-speaking users with different product preferences, and we are of firm belief that even a title as uncompromisingly hardcore as Imperia Online will find its numerous adherents there. There is only one thing to regret upon, namely, that we didn’t turn our attention to GameXP Connect solution any earlier,” states Cvetan Rusimov, COO of Imperia Online Ltd.

Imperia Online is popular browser-based strategy frequented by more than 20 million users speaking in 30 different languages. Building, conquering, trading, researching and negotiating — a mandatory list of activities any MMORTS aficionado would expect from a well-established strategy game is now enriched with a new peculiar feature: by constructing a palace, players can found their own imperial dynasty to bolster its further development through generations to come.

GameXP Connect will grant the Imperia Online an opportunity to reach fast-growing audience of the entertainment web-portal GameXP ( ) as well as utilize an extensive set of advanced services from voice chat to 24/7 support team.

Currently more than 12 million unique users are registered on the GameXP entertainment web-portal. A number of titles of different types and genres are available for them, including four projects launched via GameXP Connect ( Such companies as Gala Lab., RosIgra, Labbit Games, Vision Games, Crazy Bit, Amber Games, Oofsource, Aratog Games, Boyojoy, Masthead Studios, Imperia Online Ltd. have already appraised this platform’s advantages.

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