Mod release: Autumn Leaves (for Fallout: New Vegas)

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Think you were done with the Mojave, Courier?

Did you really believe you could get on with your life, as if those bullets didn’t scramble your brain?

Think again.

The Library of Hypatia is waiting for you.
Within it rest the answers you seek.”



After 4 years of passionate work, we are proud to present to you AUTUMN LEAVES, a Mod for Fallout: New Vegas. Release is due in fall 2015.

“Walk the Mojave one last time, and discover a centuries-old library inhabited by sentient machines. In this forgotten Vault, you will discover that you might not know yourself as well as you thought you did.

Autumn Leaves will take you into the realm of knowledge and wisdom, and make you answer difficult philosophical questions like “What can one teach to all-knowing machines?”; “What can literature bring to the Wasteland?” and most of all “What am I gonna eat tonight, anyway?”

Delve into centuries-old quandaries, seek your own answers, or have your way and manipulate everyone in order to pillage the Library’s treasures.

Whatever you decide, be assured that you won’t come out of the experience unscathed.”



  • Over 2,000 Lines of Professionally-Voiced Dialogue
  • Compelling characters with their own quirks and flaws… whose fate you will influence with philosophical arguments, jokes, detective work, even poetry
  • 8 Tightly Intertwined Quests with several possible resolutions
  • Many New Perks unlockable through Player Choices, Quests, and Collectibles
  • Several Endings – with the typical Fallout slideshow flavour
  • Original Soundtrack
  • More than 7 Hours of Non-Repetitive Gameplay



Inviting the players to live a unique philosophical and spiritual trip into a vast library, sealed away for centuries in Vault-like conditions, Autumn Leaves presents them with a series of rites of initiation where, in-between abusive robots, casual death threats and phat loot, the Courier learns to pause and reflect on what it means to learn, to take revenge, to grow.

Confronted by a full cast of lovably unpredictable robots programmed to emulate human emotions, the players will be challenged to solve a centuries-old murder and maybe – just maybe – help the machines find their own inner self. Or blow them up.


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