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Today, Major League Hacking is really excited to unveil three new resources that are going to demystify the exploding student hacker movement.

This year over 50,000 students will participate in over 150 official Major League Hacking sanctioned hackathons around the globe. The student hacker community has been doubling in size every semester since 2013 and it is clearly here to stay. Hackathons are growing at warp speed; more and more people are hearing about them every day.

The many benefits of hackathons are not immediately evident if you have never been to one. Students around the world are reaching out to parents and administrators for their support, but they are struggling to convey the advantages. The word “hack” often queues up negative images and leaves many parents and administrators skeptical of the concept. Even if they get past that, imagining students huddled around computer screens for hours without a clear objective does not sound like a positive educational experience.

Today we are releasing three resources which will help solve this problem! We are excited to unveil the official hackathon guides for College AdministratorsHigh School Administrators, and Parents. These guides provide a detailed explanation of hackathons and answer many questions that we regularly hear.

Each guide includes three downloadable resources that students can share: a 1-page brochure, a slide deck, and a printable FAQ. Within them, you can find answers to questions like: “What is a hackathon?”, “Are students breaking into the government?”, and “What are the benefits of hackathons?”. Our goal is to provide students with the best tools possible to convince their administrators and parents to help them organize or attend their first hackathon.

We would love to hear your feedback about how we can improve and make these guides even more helpful in the future. Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected] with any thoughts or suggestions!

Happy Hacking!

— Jared


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