Luckless Seven is a story-driven card game RPG

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Luckless Seven is the first card game RPG that allows players to take control of the story line and develop their character’s personality. Luckless Seven tells a story through extensive dialogue trees and choices. Player’s decide the fate of the main character as he travels on a cross-country Ekosi tour with his friends. Ekosi is the card game in Luckless Seven that takes both skill and luck to succeed. A 30-45 minute demo of the game has just been released to celebrate the Luckless Seven’s Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight launches.

Luckless Seven is a story-driven card game RPG. The fast-paced card battle system is similar to Blackjack, but with several exciting differences. In this turn-based game, each player’s objective is to collect cards amounting to 20 points, or as close as possible without going over. The twist is that the player will have a hand of cards to manipulate their score. The foundation for the card game was inspired by Pazaak, a minigame from Bioware’s 2003 hit Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Besides battling other characters, players will visit a wide array of environments and engage in the personal storylines of each of his party members. Each of the characters that travels with Mark will have a prominent role in the story and fully developed character arcs. Throughout the game, the player will be able to respond to situations with several different dialogue choices. The player’s interactions with his party and those he interacts with will determine what dialogue choices they are able to make and how their story will develop.

Character progression is expressed through increased dialogue options and more powerful Ekosi cards. Besides card battles, the player will also be able to interact with many NPCs and witness many story-creating events when they explore Arithia’s cities. By taking the time to interact with the world’s characters and participating in each party member’s story arcs, the player will level up their character and unlock additional story events, dialogue trees, and endings.

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