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Hows it going,

My name John Whatley I’m a student here at Goldsmiths studying Visual Anthropology for an Ma. In my spare time I’ve been working on a start up called Gnomer of which you can check out here (

Gnomers a peer to peer tutoring service and market place. I kinda want it to be a one stop solution for all learning needs, bring quality education to anyone looking for it regardless of traditional barriers that may have prevented them from receiving it before. I have done a lot of work on it and am currently looking to build a team around some values of Gnomer as a company, I’m hopeful to come across front and backend builders but all who are interested are more than welcome to talk and, I’d be thankful for any points in the right direction.

If anyone is interested I’d sure be happy to share more on why I believe in Gnomer, where I am now in terms of things, and what Gnomer will need to move forward. Hope to hear from any of you soon!

John W.

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