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Get me out! is a little game prototype made with Unity. The brief we had was trying to represent sensory sensitivity, similar to what found in most of autistic people. We also had to do a ‘normal’ and a ‘sensitive’ version of the game. The game is really just one scene, the user is in a classroom with some people, and his goal is to get to the chair with the computer. In the ‘normal’ version, the task is trivial, but in the ‘sensitive’ version I added some effects to make it more difficult:

  • I added a second camera in the middle of the other, which is magnified, so it becomes already a bit confusing.
  • I added some coloured light spawning from the camera in order to mess up with the colour and illumination of the scene and add distraction.
  • I added a parallax effect to most textures
  • I made the camera in the middle blurry and noisy.
  • Finally, I made the character rotate permanently in order to create some form of resistance during navigation. That’s because I started to think what would I define as distraction, in a literal sense, and I represented that as ‘physically’ being pulled to one side, which is not necessarily the side you would need to take.

The game is just a proof of concept done in less than a week so is very rough and imperfect. It could potentially be developed a lot further.

All the assets are from the asset store. No proprietary image.

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