Fight with insults: “Oh… Sir!”

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Fight your opponent using insults with this new game launched on Steam (for free!): “Oh… Sir!” puts you in the pants of a tea sipping gentleman trying to overwhelm his opponent with the power of words.

If you think your best friend’s mother is a hamster and your boss smells of elderberries, invite them to play Oh…Sir!, a jolly video game about dead parrots and insulting the *BLEEP* out of your beloved loved ones. A game where your sister can convince you that your hovercraft is full of eels and your hat is silly! You should always look on the bright side of life – even the harshest insult can be classy when said over a cup of tea. So track down a best friend, and enjoy the greatest local 1v1 multiplayer insult simulator game of the century!

The game was created in 42 hours during the game jam event hosted by Artifex Mundi. The competition’s theme was “this parrot is no more” based on the Monty Pythons’ Dead Parrot sketch. Oh…Sir! came in second and received an audience award.



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