Divinity: Original Sin reporting from Gamescom

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Sven Vincke gives us a quickie while juggling the press at Gamescom to show some footage of Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

The video showcases a couple of additions, like grenades and dual-wand action, and the PS4 user interface. Also pictured Sven’s insane skills in dual wielding controllers to show couch coop features without an actual coop buddy.



D:OS Enhanced Edition will be out “when it’s ready” and will be a free update for everyone already owning the game on PC, Mac, Linux, and SteamOS. At the same time it will be launching for the first time on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



  • Controller support on PC with adapted UI to go with it
  • Dynamic split screen
  • All characters are now fully voiced by AAA-voice actors
  • New quests, new characters, and new content
  • A heavily rewritten story with a brand new ending
  • Massively reworked visuals and sound effects
  • And much more to be announced in the coming months!


And in case you missed it, here the console launch trailer:


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