Beautiful, beautiful stars with Everspace

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Everspace, single-player 3D space shooter with rogue-like elements and non-linear storytelling from the creators of the “Galaxy on Fire” series, has just been fully founded on Kickstarter.

The game is action focused instead of deep simulation (sorry, Freespace fans) and looks like having a precise idea of where it wants to go. Let’s take a loot at the features:

  • PC platform with additional platforms as stretch goals
  • Singleplayer Rogue-like gameplay with persistent progression
  • AAA-style visuals & sound and rock solid controls
  • Captivating non-linear storytelling that perfectly fits the nature of a rogue-like
  • In-depth upgrade and damage system
  • 1st and 3rd person action focus (no sim)
  • VR-Support



The goal of the game may sound simple: Reach your destination. However, with every new attempt you will face all new challenges as the route to your destination and the obstacles you must overcome vary each time you play.

When you start a run, a new course to your destination will be plotted so that it is very unlikely that you will encounter the same setting twice. To survive you will have to adapt to the circumstances at hand:

  • Use different tactics when dealing with enemies – cloak your ship and sneak past or attack all guns blazing?
  • Gather resources for much needed repairs in the local asteroid belt or hunt down well-guarded traders for their precious supplies?
  • Explore the mysterious nebula visible in the distance with unknown consequences or stay safe and head straight to the space station for refueling?
  • Investigate cosmic anomalies and stellar bodies (wormholes, comets, derelict ship wrecks) or don’t bother and jump to the next system?

The mix of persistent progression (blueprints and personal wealth) and temporary progression (crafting and equipping your ship during a run) combined with an ever-changing universe and a rewarding story will make you want to start over again and again to eventually reach your final destination.

An interesting concept they add to the roguelike scene is how death will actually be part of the process, adding slight bonuses to the next runs and unveiling bits of the story. And the main story will be another (unusual for the genre) point of focus, coming up with the multiple deaths of the protagonist as a plot device.

Varied fights with enemies, a dynamic damage model, physics optimized and tuned for fun handling of the ship and top notch Unreal 4 Engine graphics complete the offer this promising Kickstarter.


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