Might & Magic Heroes VII is out

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Ubisoft released Might & Magic Heroes VII, a return to the fan-beloved turn-based strategy game, exclusively available for Windows PC. For 20 years, Might & Magic Heroes titles have set a new standard for computer strategy games, combining a deep fantasy universe with a complete strategic experience, a rich RPG progression and a strong story narrative.

Might & Magic Heroes VII puts players in the middle of a civil war that changed the ruling dynasty of the Holy Empire. The Empress’ murder has left an empty throne, a realm in flames and too many hungry rivals intent on claiming it. The Duke, Ivan, calls together a prestigious council of six trusted advisors in search of a viable strategy to bring this war of succession to an end. This new episode in the series will offer players a more detailed world than ever to explore and conquer, a complex economic system to master and legendary creatures to face in epic battles.



Might & Magic Heroes VII is being developed by Limbic Entertainment, a team of devoted Might & Magic fans, and promises to be the best of the series by respecting its long-standing tradition and introducing features chosen by the community.

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