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OSLO, Norway – June 10, 2015 – Previously successful Kickstarter studios help fund current Kickstarter campaign by their Norwegian colleagues.

The Norwegian Game Developer community is very close with each other and wants to see the others succeed. Antagonist has been on Kickstarter with Through the Woods for almost a month, and the fellow studios Krillbite Studio and Snow Castle today helped bring their campaign a big step closer to being fully funded by donating larger sums.

CEO of Snow Castle, Bendik Stang, had this to say:

“A year ago we were in the very same situation that Antagonist is in now. We know the inhuman stress they are feeling, and how much it means to the team morale. We are no longer so pressed financially, so we really, really like to see them succeed.”

As Antagonist CEO, Anders Hillestad, was quoted in this recent article on VICE about the expanding Norwegian Games Industry: “There is no competition between us.”

Through the Woods is a third-person psychological horror game set in a forest on the western shore of Norway about a mother and her missing son. Through dynamic narration, you play the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance in a setting heavily influenced by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

The interrogation that covers the mother’s tale is never seen, only heard, as the actions unfolding on the screen have already happened. You control the past, shaping the story of the present.

Equipped with only a flashlight, players must help Karen navigate immersive and foreboding woods, decrepit cabins and pitch-black caverns while simultaneously avoiding grotesque mythological abominations as they lead her through the awful recounting of events.

Antagonist is now in their final days of their Kickstarter for their horror game, Through the Woods, which ends on Sunday, June 14th at 9PM GMT, and it has at the time of writing reached 77% of its funding goal of $40,000.

Kickstarter campaign:

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