Instructions unclear, dating a zombie. Dead but Alive!

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Winter Wolves, developers of several award-winning dating sims and roleplay games, has announced the release of Dead But Alive! Southern England, a survival-simulation game with dating sim elements.

A simple camping holiday for a former ex-military officer, looking to rebuild his relationship with his teenage daughter, suddenly turns into a fight for survival in a world devastated by the undead.
Separated from his daughter, he must lead a small, ragged team of survivors, build a camp, scavenge for supplies and try to stay alive, all while trying to track her down.
The game features a non-linear storyline with moral choices on despair, commitment and sacrifice.




  • Turn-based sandbox zombie survival simulation: farm, hunt, negotiate, romance.
  • Manage a team of survivors, build a camp and scavenge for supplies
  • Deal with depression, infection and starvation while trying to survive
  • Non-linear storyline with moral choices that have lasting consequences
  • Optional combat system / auto resolve feature for VN fans with several thousand words of combat mini-stories.


The game is available for Windows: the free demo is available for everyone at

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