Free game! Relic Hunters Zero, open-source top down shooter

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Relic Hunters Zero is a game about shooting evil space ducks and space turtles in the face with tiny cute guns. It’s fast, it’s tactical, and feels delicious and smooth to play. You can unlock new weapons, characters and relics in order to defeat the Ducan Commander.

So here’s the rundown, for your convenience:

  • Made with love by an amazing duo of developers, who worked on Chroma Squad, Knights of Pen & Paper and Dungeonland;
  • The game will launch on Steam August 18th for FREE;
  • The game’s source code and community forums are available right now! For those that wish to mod the game, craft their amazing original creations or just to laugh at the funny function names;
  • People can create their own game using the Relic Hunters Zero source code as a foundation;
  • Five very unique playable characters;
  • Play with mouse and keyboard + Full Xbox360 gamepad support;
  • Amazing lo-fi soundtrack by Goto80;
  • 12 fixed levels with randomly-generated enemy squads and item placements;
  • “Endless Mode” with unique mechanics and economy;
  • A challenging Final Boss Fight, because videogames;
  • Your mentor is a talking space donkey called “Ass”;

(there is also available a 20 minutes gameplay video)

Why is the game free? In the words of Relic Hunters Zero’s designer, Mark: “We believe in making stuff we love just because it brings us joy. I started programming when I checked the source code of one of my favorite games of all time, Spelunky. We are doing this because we truly believe that the game can grow and become much better and more relevant if we build a community of modders and content creators around it, but that vision doesn’t go well with a pay wall. If it’s a good game, we can make money off of the next one”. So we are very excited to see what the community will create!

You can play the Relic Hunters Zero beta right now by activating your beta key (*|MMERGE3|*) on Steam.

Official Website
Official Forum
Source Code Repository
Steam Page
Twitter: @markventurelli and @ZueiraDigital
Facebook Page

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