Dropsy The Clown, point and click “hugventure”

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The huggable developers of Tendershoot and A Jolly Corpse alongside the loveable clowns at Devolver Digital have released the point and click hugventure Dropsy on PC, Mac, and Linux. Dropsy’s journey, starting in internet forums and eventually finding success at the end of a series of Kickstarter attempts, finally reaches its glorious apex as the ambitious and heartwarming adventure is now available for both longtime followers.



During the quest to clear his name and revoke his urban legend status following a deadly circus fire, Dropsy will encounter a peculiar cast of folk to communicate with through visual icons rather than traditional text dialog trees. Through these rudimentary conversations, Dropsy takes players on a journey of self-discovery with a story that harnesses powerful themes of love and redemption – Dropsy the character is an outsider, and longs for a place among the people inhabiting his world. Along his adventure, players will find answers to geographically based puzzles, unravel dark and shameful secrets, and collect fancy items to stuff in his elastic waistband for use along the way. Oh, and Dropsy can also talk to animals but you should know that by now. C’mon.

“These so-called industry experts will tell you that the ‘mute clown point-and-click adventure’ genre is dead but our research shows that this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Also, the game has zero text so we’re saving millions on localization costs.”

Dropsy is now available on Steam, Humble, and GOG. Dropsy will also release on iOS and Android later this fall.

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