Drone Zero Gravity, stylish exploration adventure

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Drone Zero Gravity bannerDrone Zero Gravity is a dark yet strikingly colorful space adventure that will test your patience. When you are not fighting off waves of enemies (that will stalk you across the map if you don’t deal with them), a good portion of the game involves dodging crystals and energy beams that will do damage throughout an intricate dark cave system. While navigating these caves, battery life is important and you must keep a mental note as to where to get more energy at all times or it’s game over.


  • Single Player Story Mode and Survival Wave Mode
  • Propel through space dodging asteroids, lasers and enemy projectiles
  • Manipulate physical objects
  • Explore the dark depths of asteroid caves
  • Assume control over human technology to gain access and progress to more challenging levels
  • Play to an engaging soundtrack

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