CURE: custom microorganisms RTS

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CURE is a real time strategy game that puts the player into the shoes of a scientist creating new life forms in order to produce the world’s most powerful medicine, or perhaps its worst disease.

Playing around with the traditional RTS genre, CURE adds a unique upgrading system that you would normally find in an RPG. As you play, you can custom tailor your units using genetic engineering, and these changes are permanent. You can focus crafting a team that has a specific ability, and/or you can specialize your units so that they have specific properties – such as strength or speed. The more you play, the more you can create an ideal team to conquer your online opponents. CURE has it’s backing in real world current microbiology, and even though it could be used as an educational tool and an introduction to microbiology, the main focus of CURE is to be a very engaging, challenging, and rewarding RTS.

CURE is currently in closed alpha, and will be launching both a Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaign within the next few months.



  • Persistence: You can upgrade your units, and these changes are permanent.
  • Dynamic Units: Your units are unique and distinguishable. How your units look is based on how you upgrade them. No two players will ever be the exact same.
  • Multiplayer: Quick paced highly competitive multiplayer.
  • Tournaments and Ladders: There are weekly and monthly events in CURE in which the winners receive unique abilities, units, and upgrades.
  • Science: CURE is built with science in mind, and uses the same fundamentals of microbiology that you would expect to learn about in a biology class.
  • Highly Strategic Gameplay: The strongest organism is not always the winner. Players can utilize their environment and intelligence to gain an advantage over their opponent.
  • Physical world: You can physically push objects around, and create fortifications or choke points to get the edge on your opponent.


An extensive images/gifs gallery is available on this imgur album.


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