And So It Was – Mysterious Top-Down Action Adventure

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You are the Boy. You wake up in a prison cell. As you get your bearings, you are suddenly released. Where are you? Who are you? Explore dungeons, woods, mines and more to figure out (or indeed remember) the truth. The answers are out there, though they might not be what you expect.


The main features of the game include:

  • Mouse-driven gameplay inspired by old-school RPGs and RTSs.
  • Randomly generated levels, each with more to explore than the previous one.
  • You get one life to tackle the challenge (a.k.a. permanent death)
  • Familiar combat with a twist: the more damage you take, the less damage you can inflict.
  • Alter the way you play: Make deals so magic orbs give you stamina instead, inflict and take double damage, or pay the price of magic with your stamina…
  • Piece together the lore throughout the game. You might not get all of it on the first run, but you’ll want to play again to get the whole story.
  • Voice-acted narration that doesn’t interrupt gameplay.
  • Good old secret areas that are… well, secret.


After 4 years of work by a one-man team, the development of And So It Was is nearing completion. The game is currently on Indiegogo, asking for help to cover the final few months of development. The final game will release in 2015 for Windows. Mac and Linux versions are also in the works.

There is also a public alpha demo available:

Official website :

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